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Magickal Supplies and Faery Fancies

Grove and Grotto presents a selection of magickal tools and treasures from our popular online store. Crystals, amulets, altar furnishings, sacred scents, and lots more. Hands-on browsing encouraged!

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When you hear "That is amazing! Where did you get it?" You can honestly say "I got it In The Woods." We have lots of pretties to catch your eye. We have T-Shirts from Medium to 5XL each with a different style image on them. We also have sarongs, wrap pants, dresses, skirts and harem pants to wear when you stop by revel fire. Please don't feed the dragons and other Magickal creatures while they are waiting to be adopted. Oh and don't forget to pick up a pair of ears or a necklace to pleas your Magickal self. See you at CMA our home away from home!

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A unique variety of Jewelry, Leather Goods, and More!

Many of the handcrafted items you will find at Medusa Trading co. have been influenced by the past. We love Ancient Rome, Viking, Celtic, Scythian, and Medieval aesthetics (to name a few), and work to incorporate elements of these fascinating societies into our wares.

Clothing: I design and create one of a kind pieces of clothing, most often combining vintage or upcycled materials with new handcrafted accents.

Curiosities: Travel altars, paintings, decorative boxes, rocks, candles, wall hangings, statues, and totems are only the beginning! We have a constantly rotating inventory of merchandise.

Jewelry: I collect jewelry and components from all over the world. Some are presented to you as I found them, while others combine vintage, upcycled, antique, or handmade elements to create something new.

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