Samhain 2018: Symphony of Souls

October 18 - 21, 2018

Attendance at ALL CMA-run festivals requires:

  • A current CMA Membership
  • A valid Event Registration
  • Two hours (minimum) of Community Service during the event

Individuals who show up at the gate without BOTH an active membership
AND valid registration WILL be turned away.


Encountering issues registering? Check to make sure that you are logged into your Portal account!
If you continue to have issues, please contact for help.

Registration Timeline

Registration Type Dates Open Day Pass Full Festival
Adult Early Reg. +
6 mo. Membership
01 July - 31 July $45.00 $75.00
Adult Reg. +
6 mo. Membership
01 Aug - 15 Sept $50.00 $80.00
Adult Late Reg. +
6 mo. Membership
16 Sept - 12 Oct $55.00 $90.00
Adult Early Reg. 01 July - 31 July $30.00 $60.00
Adult Reg 01 Aug - 15 Sept $35.00 $65.00
Adult Late Reg 16 Sept - 12 Oct $40.00 $75.00
Student 01 July - 15 Sept $30.00 $55.00
Student Late 16 Sept - 12 Oct $35.00 $65.00
Child: Ages 13-17 01 July - 12 Oct $10.00 $25.00
Child: Ages 0-13 01 July - 12 Oct ------- Free -------
NOTE: Child Registration is now an Add-On Option on the Adult Registration Form.

Please Note: Membership fees ($15 for 6 months OR yearly for $25) are NONREFUNDABLE.

Full Festival is for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday of Festival.
Day Passes are for Saturday-Only entry (with optional Sunday departure)

Graphics Contest (CLOSED)

Runs 25 May - 30 June (Now Closed)
Theme: Symphony of Souls

Artwork submitted need to be an original work by the submitting artist, scalable for use in marketing materials, and in JPG, TIF, PN, or GIF file formats. Each chosen design gets the artist one free ticket to Samhain 2018. (Membership is not granted and still required for entry)

Submit to:
Subject Line: Samhain 2018 Graphics Contest

Wednesday Early Entry

Some of our members like to show up the day before festival officially starts to get their camp set up and be settled when the events start occurring. 

Wednesday Entry is an additional $25 to your registration.

Exempted from the Wednesday Early Entry Fee?
Please log into the Portal and select the "Exempt Registration" event!

Arrival to Festival / Departure from Festival



Wed EE + Thursday: Open at noon, close at MIDNIGHT
Friday + Saturday: Open at 7am, close at MIDNIGHT.

The gates open for individuals with Wednesday Early Entry at NOON on Wednesday 17 October 2018. If you are not registered for early entry, you will NOT be allowed in on Wednesday! No Exceptions.

Festival officially starts at NOON on Thursday, 18 October 2018!
Friday and Saturday, gate opens at 7am.

You will want to bring your ID or your registration confirmation email to the gate and get yourself checked in. You will be given a wristband! WEAR IT (or we will have to ask you to leave, which will make us so sad). 

Once checked in, you can drive (very slowly) down to your campsite to unload your gear. Unload your stuff, then take your car back out to parking, as you must have a parking pass to keep your car in camp.

IF YOU ARRIVE AFTER DARK, you will NOT be able to drive to your campsite. We can help you move your stuff onto the property, but there is NO DRIVING ON PROPERTY AFTER DARK.

GATES CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT. Don't be surprised! Plan accordingly!

Festival attendees are free to leave at any time, for any reason. We are not able to accomodate exit + reentry, except in cases of emergency, so please plan accordingly.

We have our Great Works meeting on Sunday, and all attendees must be off the property an two hours after the conclusion of Great Works. Teardown crew members must be off-property by 3pm Monday.

Everything you bring in with you MUST go back out with you. This includes your trash or any items that broke or stopped working during festival.

Items left behind without proper arrangement with the Spirit Haven Ranch Manager will be considered dumped, and those leaving them subject to a $200 fine. So TAKE IT ALL HOME.

Setup + Teardown Crews

Once Approved, your email will be qualified for EXEMPT registration.

- Spots on our Setup and Teardown Crews that count as Community Service are extremely limited.
- Completion of the request form DOES NOT guarantee you a spot on the Setup and/or Teardown Crews.
- You will receive a separate email with the denial or approval of your Setup/Teardown Crew Request.
- You MUST be a current member of CMA to be part of the Setup and/or Teardown Crews.
- You must have a valid registration to be able to attend festival, regardless of your approval or denial as part of Setup and/or Teardown Crew. Completion of the request form does NOT count as registering.

**************************************************PLEASE NOTE!!!*********************************************************
IF YOU ARE APPROVED: You will receive instructions on how to register for festival so that the
Community Service requirements and Wednesday Early Entry fees are waived.
PLEASE be sure that the email address used on the form is the same as the one on your Portal account!

SetUp Crew

TearDown Crew

Setup Crew is responsible for the complete onsite preparation of Festival. 

Setup runs from MONDAY, 15 Oct 2018 through WEDNESDAY, 17 Oct 2018. It will be run and managed by the AED (Samazon).

NOTE: There is a Setup WORKEND from Friday, 12 Oct 2018 - Sunday, 14 Oct 2018, which ALL MEMBERS are welcome to attend, but does not count as a replacement for your festival community service. The Ranch Team will be handling the management of the Setup WORKEND.

Setup Crew acceptance concludes the same day registration closes (Thursday, 11 Oct 2018).

If you are unable to participate in the Setup Crew after being approved, you will be expected to complete community service during festival instead and may incur a charge for Wednesday Early Entry.

Teardown Crew goes through after Festival and breaks down temporary community structures, doing a final tidying-up of the Land.

Teardown is on Monday, 22 Oct 2018 and will be run by the ED(Willow).

NOTE: There is also a Teardown WORKEND on Friday, 27 Oct 2018 - Sunday, 28 Oct 2018, which is a separate event to which ALL MEMBERS are welcome to attend, but does not count as a replacement for your festival community service. The Ranch Team will be handling management of the Teardown WORKEND.

Teardown Crew acceptance concludes the same day registration closes (Thursday, 11 Oct 2018).

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Work / School Release Letters

Our Beltane and Samhain festivals are considered religious events. The Council of Magickal Arts, Inc. has provided the following letters to those wishing to join us so that your absences can be excused for religious reasons.

Great Works Proxy Form

We know that not everyone is able to attend every Great Works meeting. But that doesn't mean that you should let your voice go unheard! You can assign your vote to someone you trust who will be attending so they can vote on your behalf: This is called a proxy! You can use the following form to assign a current member as your proxy:

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