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Sacred Spaces

Spirit Haven Ranch has many areas set aside as sacred spaces, each with a different focus and feel. Click on the names to read more about each individual space we have:

Interested in creating a new Sacred Space out on Spirit Haven Ranch? Then please fill out and submit the Sacred Space Request Form!

New Sacred Space Request Form

Brighid's Temple


Brighid's Temple Complex consists of both the sacred space and the more general Brighid's Crossing. There is a sacred tree, standing stone, fire pit, altar, and covered workshop space.

Brighid's Temple Complex is dedicated to the Irish Goddess Brighid, known for her special affinities for healing, crafting, and wordsmithing. Nearly any event is welcome in Brighid's Crossing. The space is open, within easy access of the road, and highly visible. It's great for meetings, craft groups, workshops, and more.

Council Oak


Dragon's Nest


The Dragon’s Nest entrance is located across from the runestone marking the beginning of Grandmother’s Grove. The entrance consists of a wooden trellis with local foliage woven in, two wooden pillars topped with cosmetically modified deer skulls, and a row of pathstones. The space is largely enclosed by trees and foliage, and consists of a large, hollow tree stump, a small fire ring, the main altar, and a path leading to a large tree and an austere secondary altar. The main altar is marble and carved with the image of a serpentine dragon. It sits in front of a large wood and marble focal piece carved with an image of a dragon’s head, surrounded by woven foliage from the area.

The space is dedicated to Dragons, very large and complex spirits which exist within, and as, Nature itself. This space is not built for a particular path, but for those who find their place among the land, sky, winds, waters, and stars, beyond the normative religious structures. The land is alive, it speaks, and this is an optimal place to listen. 

Workshops of meditative and shamanic flavor are encouraged to utilize this space and its energies. The Nest is ideal for events which seek to evoke and control large amounts of energy, as the space is built to contain and insulate such things. It is also ideal for smaller, more intimate workshops, as it is fairly closed off, very gatekeeper-friendly, and energetically well-insulated.

Grounding + Centering Temple

Grandmother's Grove


Grandmother's Grove is a very large, secluded, open space with an altar, a standing stone, a fire ring, and the Grandmother's Tree - a Large Oak with outstretched "arms". The space is accessed by stairs and a narrow bridge, so it is currently not accessible for those with severe mobility difficulty except by vehicle (ATV or truck/SUV) around a back road.

Grandmother's energy is welcoming and home-y. Many people seek quiet solitude in Grandmother's shade during the day, and enjoy her grove's open sky views at night. This is one of the best places at Spirit Haven for star-gazing.

Grandmother is welcoming of many kinds of events in her space! She is particularly good for hosting very large handfastings, private initiation ceremonies, star-gazing events, or any number of other things you may want to host. Keep in mind that there are stairs, a bridge, and a long path to get to the grove. There is also not a lot of shade in the grove, which can be both beneficial or detrimental, depending on your needs and preferences.

Handfasting Grove

Handfasting is the sharing of our love and commitment to the ones we love.

Handfasting Grove is a neutral space with no particular affiliation with any god, goddess, or tradition. A winding wooded path leads to a beautiful glen and a circle defined by four stones set to the cardinal points of the elements, with a fire ring set in the center.

The energy in the space calls to all who share a longing to stay for love: the Grove is a place where we can express that love.

Hearn's Hallow

Hearn's Hallow is dedicated to the horned god, Hearn. He is the god of the hunt and the Wild Hunt. There is a stone hanging from the tree that dominates this  space, which is aligned with the Root Chakra. Here, the Fae run wild.

There is a medium sized clearing with a fire pit in the center. A small altar stands by a beautiful big tree with the creek adjacent.


Lothlorien Wood


Lothlorien Wood sits on the "Back 40" of Spirit Haven Ranch. The path there is winding and disappears into the heart of the Sacred Space. There are two altars: the Main Altar (procured by Mary Wolf) and the Key Hole Altar(which was carved by Bash of Burning Glam, and whose top by Arsenic Winter). If you look through the Keyhole towards the creek, you’ll glimpse the original resting place of the Main Altar, of which a fragment of the main support stone still remains as a marker. Towards the fenceline behind and to the right of the Keyhole Altar is Lilith’s Throne (another gift from Burning Glam).

The Wood is filled with Fae and all sorts of other spirits, and is not dedicated to any one god or goddess. Lilith, Oshun, and Shango have all graced the Wood in one way or another and can sometimes offer their guidance. Liquors both sweet and bold make good offerings, as do apples, strawberries, and bananas. Lothlorien Wood is a place where you can bring those things that are holding you back and leave them at the altar, as well. During festivals, the glasses and bowls on the altars are meant to be filled with many different kinds of offerings to the denizens of the space, and the wooden dish that is there containing beads and crystals that can be taken as gifts.

Memorial Grove

Memorial Grove is located in a small inlet along the path to Dragon’s Nest and Grandmother’s Grove, a close neighbor to the Temple of Ganesh. It features a small clearing with a altar-throne in the center, with stone benches for both the living and the dead around the periphery. The benches will seat approximately six, but there is open space to comfortably seat a dozen more.

The Grove is created as a meeting place for those who have gone beyond the Veil. Lords and Ladies of the Afterlife often find it pleasing to commune there with their worshipers, but the space will forever remain undedicated to any one god or goddess. The heartsick living can find some respite in this place, and the trees will sometimes weep gentle tears along with those who rest on the benches beneath their leaves. It is a sober, gentle place that provides respite to those overcome by the life and energy that swirls around Spirit Haven.

Memorial Grove is an ideal choice for any sort of memorial, particularly at Samhain, but can also be used for rituals dedicated for the deities of death and the afterlife. As a meeting place, it has also been successfully used for communication between worlds, and workshops focusing on ancestors or history. Due to its small size, it is best suited to events anticipating 20 or less participants, though overflow for larger workshops can easily be relocated to the larger clearings nearby.

Self Blessing Station

The Self-Blessing Altar is just after you check in at the front gate, to the left, before you proceed over the Troll Bridge.

This Altar is a place where you can ground a center yourself, rid yourself of all negative energy so that you may enter our scared space with a clear mind and energy, prepared to participate in the Festivals. It is your gateway to the magical and spiritual world that is Spirit Haven.

You can leave offerings. You can smudge or light incense. Take a moment and breathe in and out and get ready to enjoy.

Temple Ganesha

Volk Ve

A Sacred Grove dedicated to Heathen practice, honoring the Elder Kin (Gods of Northern Europe and Iceland) and the Ancestors (Disir and Alfar), the Volk Ve is open to all whom the Gods have called. "With half a loaf and a half-filled cup, a friend full fast I made."

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