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Located near the Labyrinth and centered around the fire ring on Phoenix Meadow, this space is being created for those who are called to work with Greek and Roman deities. 

A space to make devotions and overing to those theoi who weave their blessings thru our lives. 

Naos Templum is "temple" in both Greek and Latin,  respectively. 

Please pardon our dust and bog.  This is a long term transformation and we think that good things are worth the wait! 

Future plans include a rebuilt and maintained fire ring, individual devotional altars , drainage, and shade. 

As of Beltane 2020, we have the posts installed where the future columns will be,  the locations and designs of the individual altars laied out, and the main altar has been set up for devotionals and offerings to all the Greco-Roman deities. 

The main altar is stocked with offerings as libations each festival. During festival,  there will be a short overview of Greek reconstructionist practice and some simple devotional guides. This guide also includes a list of people you can reach out to if you have further questions about Greco-Roman deities, devotionals, or making offerings.
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