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For assistance of any type, feel free to email us at any time at 
Responses are usually within a couple of days, if not sooner.
During high-activity times (such as festival prep!) our responses may be delayed.

Addresses and Phone Numbers

CMA Phone Number


Callers must leave a voicemail and an available person will reach out as soon as they are available. Thank you!

CMA's Corporate Address

9706 Anchor Ranch Loop
Flatonia, Texas 78941

Spirit Haven Ranch Address

9706 Anchor Ranch Loop
Flatonia, Texas 78941

Festivals, Events, Camping, + WorkEnds

When is the next WorkEnd, Event, or Festival?

We have WorkEnds and other events frequently throughout the year, and our Festivals are typically in April (Beltane) and October (Samhain). Check out our Events Calendar for more information!

How do I get to Spirit Haven Ranch?

We're out near Cistern, Texas. It's ok if that doesn't ring a bell for you, it's a tiny little town. We've got a page dedicated specifically to how to get here: Directions to Spirit Haven Ranch.

Can I bring my kids to a WorkEnd, Event, and/or Festival?

Most of CMA's events are family friendly, children are welcome to join us if they're accompanied by a legal guardian. (You can always check our event information to see if there are any restrictions.) Please remember that any child you bring is YOUR responsibility to look after.

For Festivals:
In order for a child to attend one of our Festivals, their legal guardian must indicate that they will be bringing a child on their registration form and pay the associated additional fee. We will not be able to allow children onto the property for Festival that have not been registered, and are not able to register or sell kid's registrations at the gate.

What do I need to bring for an event?

You'll want to bring, at least, all the basic camping equipment: tent, bedding, mosquito spray, sunblock, clothes, sturdy shoes, food, AND water. Keep in mind that Spirit Haven Ranch is a fairly rustic setting and remember to bring those things you will need in order to be safe and comfortable.


What are the differences between the types of CMA Memberships?

We have multiple types of memberships, to better serve our community + it's needs:

Adult Membership: 6 Month
This membership is our shortest membership span, and only lasts for 6 months. During that time, all rights of membership are conferred to one individual person, aged 18 and over. An Adult Membership: 6 Months is $15 USD for (you guessed it!) 6 months.

Adult Membership: Yearly
This membership type is our standard CMA Membership. It confers all the rights of membership to one individual person, age 18 and over. Adult Membership is $25 USD for one year.

Adult Membership x2: Yearly
This membership type is our standard CMA Membership, but for two! It confers all the rights of membership to two individual persons, both aged 18 and over. Adult Membership x2 is $50 USD for one year.

Student Membership
This membership type is available for those individuals who are attending classes at a high school, college, or trade school. Student Membership requires verification before activation, which can be obtained by sending a copy of your official transcript or current class schedule ot This membership type can have a yearly review of status and allows access to reduced cost registration options to CMA Events + Festivals. The cost of a Student Membership is $25 USD a year.

Honored Elder
This membership type is available for those individuals who are ages 65 or older. Honored Elder Membership requires verification of your age, and to have your birthdate listed on your Portal Account. If you've recently updated your portal account to include your qualifying birthdate and require verification, please contact The Honored Elder Membership allows access to reduced cost registration options at CMA Events + Festivals, and costs $25 USD a year.

Other Memberships
Lifetime Membership: This membership type is granted to an individual by the board or the membership for outstanding acts of service to CMA and grants CMA Membership to one individual. There is no yearly cost to this membership, but holders of this membership type must pay all registration costs for Events + Festivals at the rate that Adult (or Honored Elder, if applicable) Members do.

Lifetime Membership w/ Event: This membership type was offered for a limited time to help pay off the mortgage to Spirit Haven Ranch and is no longer available for purchase. There is no yearly cost to this membership and holders of this membership type are waived registration and Wednesday Early Entry costs for Events + Festivals.

We're so glad you asked! Visit our Membership Page and select the option that suits your needs best.

How do I renew my membership?

You can renew your membership by logging into your Portal Account, and visiting the My Account + Profile page.

How do I add another person to my membership?

You will need to either upgrade your membership type to an Adult Membership x2, or already have an Adult Membership x2 in order to add anyone to your membership.

- IF the person you are wishing to add does NOT already have a Portal Account:
Log into your Portal Account, and visit the Add Member to Bundle page.

- IF the person you are wishing to add DOES already have a Portal Account:
Please contact us at and be sure to include your name and email address, and the name and email address of the individual you're wishing to add to your bundle in the message.

What services do my Area Representatives provide?

CMA Area Reps are your go-to place for all questions, ideas, fundraisers, and events regarding CMA! They are a wellspring of member information, and can help you find the answers to most anything you might want to know about CMA... or if they don't know, they will definitely know who to send you to!

How do I contact my Area Representative?

Who your Area Reps are will be dependent on where you live:

The cities are fairly self-explanatory: if you live in or close-by a city that has designated Area Reps, then snag that email address and drop them a line.

The other areas are more general areas of Texas. If you're not certain, definitely contact our Area Rep Coordinator to ask:

Email Addresses

General Information, Questions, + Comments


CMA Board of Directors + Transparency Advocate

Executive Director(ED):

Assistant Executive Director(AED):

Director of Communications(DoC):

Director of Finance(DoF):

Director of Member Services(DoMS):

Director of Property + Assets (DoPA):

Director of Records (DoR):

Transparency Advocate(TA):

Area + Vendor's Representatives

Area Representative Coordinator:

Austin Area Reps:

Central Texas Area Reps:

Coastal Bend Area Reps:

North Texas Area Reps:

Outlands Area Reps:

San Antonio Area Reps:

Southeast Texas Area Reps:

West Texas Area Reps:

Vendor's Reps:

Spirit Haven Ranch Team

Ranch Manager:

Ranch Admin:

Festival Leads

Badges Coordinator + Laminatrix:


Entertainment Coordinator:

Festival Guide Coordinator:

Festival Schedule Coordinator:

Fire Chief:

Assistant Fire Chief:

Gate Lead:

NewBee Lead:

Safety Services Lead:

Safety Services Assistant Lead:

Tea Room Lead:

Troll Lead:

Volunteer Lead:

Sacred Space Coordinators

Sacred Space Coordinator:

Brighid's Temple:

Council Oak:

Dragon's Nest:

Grandmother's Grove:

Grounding + Centering Temple:

Handfasting Grove:

Herne's Hollow:

Lothlorien Wood:

Memorial Grove:

Self-Blessing Station:

Temple Ganesha:

The Labyrinth:

Volk Ve:

Other CMA Emails (Alphabetically) Archivist/Historian:


Bylaws Committee:

Internet Administrator:

Kitchen Witch:

Marketing Lead:

Policy Committee:

Policy Committee Chair:

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