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CMA Events

CMA Festivals

CMA holds two main festivals each year, Beltane and Samhain. We gather to celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year, camping on our own land, Spirit Haven Ranch. These events begin on a Thursday afternoon and end near noon Sunday—three magickal days filled with fun and informative workshops, activities for the entire family, shopping along Vendors’ row, drumming and dancing around beautiful revel fires—highlighted by rituals presented by some of CMA’s diverse member traditions.

Events + Workshops

Our Festivals are filled a variety of events: weddings, handfasting, rituals, workshops, crafting classes, demos, discussion groups, and more. The Festival Schedule Coordinator works with those who submit events to find appropriate times and locations during Festivals for them to be held. If you have something that you'd want to share with the CMA Community, fill out the Event + Workshop Request Form and let us know! This form will be posted on the Beltane or Samhain events pages, so keep an eye out for when the form goes live.

SetUp + TearDown Crews

- Spots on our SetUp and TearDown Crews that count as Community Service are extremely limited.

- Completion of the request form DOES NOT guarantee you a spot on the SetUp and/or TearDown Crews.
- You will receive a separate email with the denial or approval of your SetUp/Tear Down Crew Request.
- You MUST be a current member of CMA to be part of the SetUp and/or TearDown Crews.
- You must have a valid registration to be able to attend festival, regardless of your approval or denial as part of SetUp and/or TearDown Crew. Completion of the request form does NOT count as registering.

**************************************************PLEASE NOTE!!!*********************************************************
IF YOU ARE APPROVED: You will receive instructions on how to register for festival so that the
Community Service requirements and Wednesday Early Entry fees are waived.
PLEASE be sure that the email address used on the form is the same as the one on your Portal account!



  • The SetUp Crew is responsible for the complete onsite preparation of Festival. 
  • SetUp typically runs from Monday through Wednesday prior to Festival. 
  • SetUp Crew acceptance concludes the same day registration closes.

NOTE: There is a SetUp Workend from Friday through Sunday the weekend prior to festival, which all members are welcome to attend. 

Attendance at the SetUp Workend does not count as a replacement for your festival community service. The Ranch Team handles the management of the SetUp Workend.

If you are unable to participate in SetUp after being approved, you will be expected to complete community service during festival instead.

  • TearDown Crew goes through after Festival and breaks down temporary community structures, doing a final tidying-up of the Land.
  • TearDown is typically on the Monday after festival.
  • TearDown acceptance concludes the same day registration closes.

NOTE: There is also a TearDown Workend on Friday through Sunday the weekend after Festival, which all members are welcome to attend.

Attendance at the TearDown Workend does not count as a replacement for your Festival Community Service. The Ranch Team handles the management of the TearDown Workend.

If you will be unable to participate in TearDown after being approved, you will be expected to complete community service during festival instead. If it is for an unexpected reason, then you are expected to contact the Director of Member Services to make alternate arrangements for the completion of your Festival Community Service.

Work Exchange Program

We work very hard to accommodate the needs of our members. Our Work Exchange Program is a way for us to offer substantially discounted Festival registration in exchange for additional community service hours. 

  • Participation in the Work Exchange Program waives your base festival registration fee. Wednesday Early Entry, Kids registrations, parking passes, and vendor's fees may still apply.
  • Spaces available for our Work Exchange program are VERY limited.
  • You must be a member of CMA prior to requesting to be part of the Work Exchange Program.
  • All Work Exchange requests are subject to approval by the Board of Directors and requests are NOT guaranteed to be approved
  • Any registration with an amount still owed will require complete payment before participation is allowed in the event.

Work Exchange Program Space Availability:

  • 6 spaces for Dedicated Overnight Front Gate Volunteers
  • 2 spaces for Dedicated Medical Personnel
  • 12 spaces for General Work Exchange
Those wishing to participate in the Work Exchange Program will need to fill out the Work Exchange Request Form. A separate approval or denial email will be sent with further instructions.


Wednesday Early Entry

Some of our members prefer to show up the day before festival officially starts to get their camp set up and be settled when the events start occurring. 

Wednesday Entry is an additional $25 to your registration, and is an option available on the registration form.

NOTE: Certain individuals are waived the Wednesday Entry fee, such as 

  • Sacred Space Coordinators
  • Previous + Current Board Members
  • Festival Staff
  • those with Lifetime w/Event Memberships

If you are exempted from the Wednesday Fee:

  1. Select "Yes" for Wednesday Entry on the registration form.
  2. Choose "Invoice Me" instead of paying after filling out the form.
  3. Email the Registrar to let us know you've completed the above:
We will waive the $25 after verifying your exemption, and notify you so that you can pay the updated invoice at your convenience.

Vendor's Information

One aspect of every CMA Festival is Vendor's Row. This space is located adjacent to Phoenix Meadow, just past CMA One. We have various spaces available for any vendor who wishes to participate.

  • Vendors must be active CMA members in good standing.
  • Vendors are required to have valid registrations for Festival.

Vending Space pricing is currently as follows (these options are on the registration form):

  • 10'x10' space: $21
  • 10'x20' space: $42
  • 10'x10' + 10'x20' spaces: $63
  • 10'x20' + 10'x20' spaces: $84
  • Electricity: $25

 If you have any questions (or feedback!) about vending at CMA Festivals, please contact our Vendor's Rep:


Our Beltane festivals are held in April, typically on the third weekend of the month.

Beltane marks the beginning of the pastoral summer season, when livestock were driven out to the summer pastures.


Beltane 2022

April 21 - 24
Moon Phase: Waning

Beltane 2023
April13 - 16
Moon Phase: Waning

Beltane 2024
April 18 - 21
Moon Phase: Waxing

Beltane 2025
April 17 - 20
Moon Phase: Waning


Our Samhain festivals are held in October, typically on the third weekend of the month.

Samhain marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the "darker half" of the year.

Samhain Festival Page

Samhain 2022

October 13-16
Moon Phase: Waxing

Samhain 2023
October 19 - 22
Moon Phase: Waxing

Samhain 2024
October 17 - 20
Moon Phase: Full (17)

Samhain 2025
October 16 - 19
Moon Phase: Waning

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