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CMA Board of Directors

The Council of Magickal Arts is run by a Board of Directors that is elected by the membership. Elections occur every year leading up to and during the Samhain Festival in October. Board member terms of office run from January 1st to Dec 31st of the year following the election.

Contact our entire board at once via

Executive Director ("ED")

The Executive Director (ED):

  • Act as Fiduciary Officer of the corporation
  • Preside over Board meetings
  • General + Active management of the affairs of the Corporation
  • Sees that all orders + resolution of the Board are carried into effect
  • Tasks customarily performed by the office of the President

The ED also presides over the Festival Committee + the Area Representatives

Candyce Eskew
Email the ED

Assistant Executive Director ("AED")

The Assistant Executive Director (AED):

  • Assists the Executive Director in the execution of duties
  • Stands in for the ED in their absence
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors or delegated by the ED

The AED also supervises CMA Societies and serves on the Internet Committee.

Michael Babb "Doom"Email the AED

Director of Communications ("DoC")

The Director of Communications (DoC):

  • Manages all communications, both internal + external
  • Oversees the CMA Events Calendar
  • Coordinates production of The Accord
  • Manages CMA's social media presence

The DoC also presides over the Marketing Team, the Internet Committee, the Publications Team, and the Fundraising Team.

Amanda Boehm - Interim
Email the DoC

Director of Finance ("DoF")

The Director of Finance (DoF):

  • Acts as Fiduciary Officer for the Corporation
  • Keeps records of the finances, writes checks, + receives all money paid to the Corporation
  • Deposits all funds to the corporate accounts
  • Ensures tax returns are filed in a timely manner
  • Provides the membership with semi-annual financial reports of the Corporation

The DoF also performs the duties carried out by the office of treasurer + any other duties, as assigned by the Board of Directors or authorized by the Executive Director.

Antonio "Toni" Criss-Reyna
Email the DoF

Director of Member Services ("DoMS")

The Director of Member Services (DoMS):

  • Acts as the membership's primary point of contact with the Board
  • Assists with non-member questions about CMA membership
  • Accepts requests, comments, suggestions, and complaints from CMA members
  • Manages the designated campsite lease program
  • Oversees membership enrollment + festival registrations

The DoMS also performs other duties assigned by the ED + Board of Directors.

Sabrina Benjamin "Brinna"
Email the DoMS

Director of Property And Assets ("DoPA")

The Director of Property + Assets (DoPA):

  • Manages use of CMA's real + intellectual property
  • Maintain appropriate insurance for CMA property + events
  • Oversee maintainence of CMA real property, information systems, + intellectual assets

The DoPA also performs other duties assigned by the ED + Board of Directors.

Laura Hendrickson "Sara"
Email the DoPA

Director of Records ("DoR")

The Director of Records (DoR):

  • Serves as a Fiduciary Officer of the Corporation
  • Acts as secretary for all meetings of the membership + the Board of Directors
  • Ensures all notices of the Corporation are distributed properly (including distribution of meeting minues)
  • Supervises the Corporate Officer & Registrar
  • Manages + maintains the membership rolls in cooperation with the Registrar
  • Maintains the Corporation's archives of official documents
  • Serves as official keeper + issuer of membership vote proxies

The DoR also performs general duties carried out by the office of Secretary, as well as any assigned by the ED + Board of Directors.

Alexandra "Alley" Henrici
Email the DoR

Transparency Advocate ("TA")

The Transparency Advocate (TA) position is specifically designed to be the eyes and ears of members of the organization and report to them at each business meeting, as their representative and is a direct report to the membership at large. The TA role ensures transparency between the Board and the Membership.

The Transparency Advocate is a membership advocate/advisory role, and is not a member of the Board of Directors.

Joe Rose
Email the TA

The Transparency Advocate is not a voting member of the Board of Directors, but instead serves as the member advocate + board advisor.

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