About CMA

Our Mission

The Council of the Magickal Arts, Inc. is a spiritual and civic organization and multi-cultural foundation that is committed to promoting spirituality based on spiritual, nature-centered, magickal beliefs and practices. 

Through multiple fundraising and community building endeavors, CMA supports, organizes, and hosts a variety of religious and educational programs as well as gatherings for members and interested public to celebrate the holidays of Beltane, Samhain, and other religious holidays. 

CMA offers organization opportunities to increase a sustainable community by promoting, educating, researching, and supporting green technologies. We promote and educate members and the community at large in environmentally friendly construction and life practices.

Our Principles

We acknowledge the inherent accountability to the community as the key to organizing effectively and with integrity.

We safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of our members within the limits of United States and Texas law. CMA will always defend the legal right to privacy under United States laws.
Neither member identities nor personal information will be revealed without the member's express permission. 

We understand that our effectiveness is based upon the participation of our members and we are open to people of all traditions or religions who wish to celebrate nature, spirit, and community,  and who are on or wish to explore a spiritual or magickal path.

We support personal responsibility as well as individual freedom of thought, belief, and action. At our gatherings, CMA strives to create the least restrictive environment possible while preserving safety and privacy for all who attend.

We strive to enhance the quality of life of our members through responsible stewardship of resources, teaching, and supporting the implementation and utilization of green technologies to provide the least amount of impact on the biodiversity and ecological integrity of the planet.

We strive to operate in a spirit of harmony, goodwill, and acceptance towards others and to be accurate and nonpartisan in our communications with our members and the general public while expressing the unique value inherent in following a spiritual or magickal path. CMA neither advocates nor promotes any religion, tradition, or spiritual path, and takes no position on credential of any practitioners or clergy.


CMA is governed by a member elected Board of Directors, who work on an entirely volunteer basis (as do all of our staff). If you're curious about the structure of our organization, feel free to check out our Organization Chart.

Each member of CMA that is over the age of 18 is eligible to vote in electing our Board of Directors and on Bylaw and Policy changes. The Board Candidates are voted on in the time leading up to our Great Works meetings.

Great Works are CMA's business meetings, which are held on the Sunday of our Samhain + Beltane Festivals (weather permitting). Bylaw + Policy votes are also conducted at Great Works, as is other CMA business that needs to be addressed. If a member is unable to be present for Great Works, they are able to assign their proxy to another member.

Only CMA Members are able to access the Voting area, Festival Registration, and various Files + Forms, so if you're not finding what you're looking for, try logging into your membership account!

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