About CMA

The Council of Magickal Arts, Inc.

The Council of Magickal Arts, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Texas corporation founded in 1980 that creates two festivals a year, hosts multiple work-ends, owns Spirit Haven Ranch, and produces The Accord. This association of practitioners of the religions of the magickal arts promotes spirituality based on Pagan beliefs, and is open to people of all traditions who are interested in celebrating nature, spirit and community.

Spirit Haven Ranch

Spirit Haven Ranch is where CMA calls Home. Many of our members feel a deep connection to the land, and we consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to be stewards here. Spirit Haven Ranch contains a number of Sacred Spaces, each with their own feel and spiritual resonance.


CMA is governed by a member elected Board of Directors, who work on an entirely volunteer basis (as do all of our staff). If you're curious about the structure of our organization, feel free to check out our Organization Chart.

Each member of CMA that is over the age of 18 is eligible to vote in electing our Board of Directors and on Bylaw + Policy changes. The Board Candidates are voted on in the time leading up to our Great Works meetings.

Great Works are CMA's business meetings, which are held on the Sunday of our Samhain + Beltane Festivals (weather permitting). Bylaw + Policy votes are also conducted at Great Works, as is other CMA business that needs to be addressed. If a member is unable to be present for Great Works, they are able to assign their proxy to another member.

Only CMA Members are able to access the Voting area, Festival Registration, and various Files + Forms, so if you're not finding what you're looking for, try logging into your membership account!

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