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Workend Survival Guide

Camping at Workends

You'll need your usual camping equipment—including a weatherproofed tent, chairs, etc.

Water on the land is not potable; we request that each person bring at least 3 gallons of water.

Don't forget bug spray and sunscreen!

What to Bring

With the exception of some power tools, chainsaws, specialized construction equipment, tools are generally already available onsite. 

If you have a favored tool, you are welcome to bring it if you wish. Check with team leaders or the Ranch Manager to see if your tool may be of use.

What to Wear

During working hours we recommend wearing pants and shirt, head covering, gloves, and safety glasses. Sturdy shoes, boots, or at minimum tennis shoes are highly encouraged—mesquite needles can easily penetrate a thin-soled shoe. 

After work, clothing optional is in effect; you may want to change into your most comfortable pagan or mundane attire and relax!

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