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HAVEN Magazine

The Accord was a quarterly publication for Wiccans, Pagans, NeoPagans, and other New Age Philosophers. It was named in 1991. It focused on "Tradition sharing, all types of positive magick, poetry, rituals, and many other items of interest to the Craft community."

The profound history of this publication included various articles that ranged from "Pagan spirituality and the practices of the magickal arts, multimedia reviews, Pagan parenting, online resources, magickal lore, religious tolerance, happenings in the Pagan community, and messages from CMA officers." The last issue of The Accord as a newsletter was produced in 2017.

HAVEN seeks to honor that long-time tradition and weave it into this new literary tradition for our membership.

HAVEN magazine provides a platform for our Pagan membership to connect - to learn and grow together through our stories, shared experiences, spiritual practices, and diverse interests.

Issues of HAVEN magazine

October 2022 (Festival Edition)

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