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August 2019 News and Notes

15 Aug 2019 06:09 | Anonymous

From the Executive Director:

Although the official Dog Days of Summer have passed, the weather is still hot and oppressive. It’s a challenge to think about Samhain camping when the humidity of our undergarments has reached swamp proportions. Nevertheless, festival will be here before we know it and we are diligently working on plans. 

We need rituals and workshops. Please consider sharing your wisdom and magick with the community.

We also need candidates for the board. Please, if you are feeling moved to run for an office, please submit your candidacy. 

Reach out to your area reps for ways you can help at workends and festival. 

Last but not least, the long weekend workend over the Labor Day weekend will also be a CMA swap meet. If you have gear that has been cluttering your garage that you have been meaning to pass along to a needy soul for a reasonable price, please bring it out to the workend. If you need camping gear, please come out to the workend and peruse the offerings.  I hope that everyone who comes out can stay to help us with all the projects. We will have options for all activity levels. There is plenty to do to prepare for Samhain. 



From the Director of Records:

Hello there,

 Call for Candidates is open.

 Please note that all 6 voting positions on the CMA Board of Directors are up for election.  If you feel you meet the minimum qualifications, please consider running for office. The form is available on the portal (www.magickal-arts.org).  Once submitted, your qualifications will be vetted.  You can expect an email back for additional information or confirmed vetting within 7 days of submission.

 Vendor rep will also be voted on this time via the portal.  If you have been a vendor at CMA and would like to run for the rep position, please submit your desire via the portal.


Thank you

William Stevens

Director of Records


From the Faerie Mound

Greetings all,

I would like to take this opportunity to let y’all know that the Faire Mound is now a sacred space!  This is a new status for our dedicated kids’ area.  This is amazing news! What does the mean? Well now the area will have caretakers – Friday and I have stepped in as the Faire Mound’s coordinators. The intention is to set up a space where the kids can play and where parents can share experiences with them. We have submitted one, three, and five-year plans. Our first-year plan is to get an alter set up and dedicated with a ritual that the kids can participate in. Our three-year plan is to replace the toys and plastic/wooden activity sets -- this is already started with the amazing donation from Friday of the new playscape that debuted last Samhain; and our five-year plan is to get new fencing around the Faire Mound.

We also will continue to host at least one kid centered activity a festival. At Beltane, we invited the kids to decorate baskets and enjoy an egg hunt.  The invasion of Family Camp by kids big and small was a sight to behold – I think Wagner must have experienced something similar that inspired “The Flight of the Valkyrie”.  We will host a yet to be determined activity for the kids at Samhain.

Below you’ll see our Amazon Wishlist for the Faire Mound. We have included games for kids of all ages, as well as whimsical decorations, lights, and things for the kids to paint to truly make the space their own. Please consider donating to our upcoming generations of CMA members and leaders.

In frith,

Star and Friday

From the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is seriously overgrown and will need some love before Samhain. We will be working on clearing it out during the September 21 workend if you'd like to lend a hand! You can also join the Friends of the Labyrinth FB group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/683664781756318/ if you'd like to stay up-to-date on Labyrinth happenings.

From Austin Witches' Ball 2019: Corsets and Kilts

The Austin Witches' Ball 2019: Corsets and Kilts fundraiser for CMA will be Friday, Oct 11 at Elysium. There will be DJed dance music, burlesque performers, a silent auction, vendors, tarot readers, and a raffle for two tickets to the 40th Anniversary CMA Beltane festival! Doors are at 9pm; $10 donation.

Here are some ways you can help make this event a success for CMA:

1. Come out for it! Fundraisers rely on people coming to be successful.

2. Invite your friends and family that might be interested to the event:https://www.facebook.com/events/376841096241903/

3. Donate a high-quality item to the silent auction! ContactKatya Littleton for silent auction donations.

4. Send a donation via PayPal to donations@magickal-arts.org and in the "Add a note" field type "Witches' Ball Fundraiser".

From the CMA Family Society

You can join the CMA Family Society FB group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/216537831713450/ to connect with other CMA parents. 

From the Fire and Flow Performance Society

Festival Reminders:

Saturday, October 19th @Pan's PlayHouse

PLEASE Attend the All Revel Societies Meeting with ALL of Us at 2pm!!!!  Revel Rousers, F&F Performance, Drummers, Dancers & More!!!

Fire &Flow Performance Society Meeting:  Saturday, October 19th @ 3pm AFTER the All Revels Societies meeting. 

We will move across to our established F&F Performance Area by the Maypole at the conclusion of the business portion of the meeting for more skill sharing, practice, etc.

Come find us at the NW corner of Revel Fire --》 Each Night of Festival for Fire and Flow Performance. 

"Hey All!  Just wanted to remind you all that you can get community service hours for doing something you love! The Fire Performance Safety team would love to have someone volunteer their time either Friday or Saturday Night from 8-10 or 10-midnight. All you have to do is stop by guardian station and talk to either I or a chief on duty. We of course ask that you have saftied before! (Also, know that while doing Fire Safety Community service we as that you refrain from performing yourself, the focus is for safetying for others.)

Also all, please remember that if you plan on performing with fire this festival that you stop by guardian station before you perform and sign the form saying you agree to CMAs fire performance safety guidelines and get your badge (who doesn't love collecting badges?). There are separate badges for performers and those who volunteer their time for the Fire Performance Safety Team. You must have your badge to perform. Remember that your safety should be holding your badge while you are actively performing! 

Performers, please feel free to utilize the Fire Performance Safety team for your safety needs, or, as always, feel free to utilize your own trusted safety!

If you are bringing a newbie who performs and wishes to perform with fire this festival, please do me a solid and bring them by guardian station to read CMA's fire performance safety guidelines.

As always lets make this an awesome  (and safe) festival that brings us closer together as a society! 

-James Dylan Brown"

From CMA Austin

Your Austin reps are Katya (lead) and Janis/Caliope, as well as Kait in San Marcos! To keep up with local events, join the CMA Austin Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/523531024350569/ and the Austin Pagan Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/austinpagan/! You can also reach the reps at austin@magickal-arts.org for any questions.

Austin has our Fourth Friday Pagan Night Out on the fourth Friday of every month (subject to change in Nov and Dec to avoid holidays) indoors at Cherrywood Coffeehouse on 38 1/2 st. We begin at 7pm and are usually there until 10ish, so come enjoy food, beverages, and good conversation! To keep up with this event, you can join the Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/362468705164/. San Marcos also has a Pagans and Heathens Monthly Pub Moot at Wake the Dead every second Friday- watch the Facebook groups for an invite reminder from Justin Stacey!

From The CMA Outlands

Greetings from the Outlands Area! 

☆We are looking forward to seeing you during CMA Beltane festival at our Outlands Area Meeting at 11am in VolkVe on Saturday, October 19, 2019.  

☆Are you ready to serve our Village as an Outlands Area Rep?  This would be the time/place to raise your hand and say, "Yes!"

☆If you have any upcoming events in Your area of Outlands, let us know and we can help Boost the Signal. 

Save the Dates! - Upcoming Events 

▪︎August 16-18, 2019

Alchemy's Alcove - Cisco,TX 

Alcove Full Moon Gathering 

Event Link: *Please Read Event Details* https://www.facebook.com/events/390935055110934/?ti=cl

For more info about the land and camping accommodations:



▪︎August 13, 2019 -Cancelled

Key City Pagans - Monthly MeetNGreet

The Mezamiz Coffee House - Abilene, Texas

Join us for refreshments as we discuss different paths.

*Due to Back to School, meetings will resume on September 13, 2019

▪ August 30, 2019

Cassy's - Abilene,  Texas

Social Saturday 

Come by and share in Community, get a smudge and a hug. Shop for what you need (or needs you) and pre-pave a peaceful week.

*Cassy's will not be open until the last Saturday of August. "We are attending the 25th annual GatheringOfCircles and the rest of August we will be completing our ministry/ chaplaincy obligations in preparation for expanded weekend hours, events & products starting September 2019! We are excited as Cassys continues to evolve and rebirth itself."

☆Sumerian Pathways 

Alchemy's Alcove - Cisco, Texas 

Building New Bridges and Magical Pathways Together.   We host and celebrate Lunar and Solar Festivals publicly in Nature at Alchemy's Alcove, in Cisco, TX. We also host Full Moons in the D/FW surrounding areas.

For more information on Sumerian Pathways  https://sumerianpathways.wixsite.com/sumerian-pathways

For questions and for more information:

Contact Sumerian Pathways at:



☆Amarillo Texas Pagans .... did you know there is a MeetUp Group happening in Your Area on a fairly regular basis? Join their FB group for more information and perhaps meet/re-meet a few friendly faces. 

Amarillo Pagan Community 


Did you know??? You are an Outlander ... IF you are Not in a designated area --》Austin, San Antonio, Coastal Bend, North Texas,  Central Texas or SouthEast Texas. 

Please join our CMA Outlands FB Group. We all aspire to Be A Part of a Community.  

CMA Outlands Area FB group:


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask your Area Reps.

It takes community to build community. 

~Alchemy♡ Outlands Area Lead Rep 

& Arrick - Outlands Area Rep

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