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June 2019 News and Notes

15 Jun 2019 09:25 | Anonymous

From the Executive Director:

Happy Full Moon

   Many thanks to the San Antonio Reps and community for welcoming me at the PNO on Thursday night. The Candlelight Coffeehouse is a great venue and it was wonderful to see everyone. 
    I’m having a great time making my way around to all of the PNO’s. I’ve made it to Austin and San Antonio so far. I hope to get to Houston next. Maybe someday we can get one going in the DFW area again. 
    I’d like to thank everyone who has continued to come to workends despite the challenges with our low water crossing. Plans are coming together on repairs. There are still maintenance tasks for us to accomplish over the Summer and we need all the help we can get out at the Ranch. 
  Speaking of tasks, our parking flags were unusable after the last festival and we are calling for aid from our fiber artists to help us make some. I have made two ropes so far. I am looking for folks with scrap fabric to attach as the flags. If you would like to help with the project, please reach out to your area reps for more information. 

 Registration for Samhain is coming up soon. Now is the time to log into your portal account and ensure that your membership is up to date. Start thinking about the rituals and workshops you would like to present and reach out to your area reps with questions or ideas. It’s going to be a beautiful festival as we meet our loved ones at The Crossroads. 


From the Director of Member Services:

Hello Folks,

I have been busy acclimating to my position. I have diligently be working to reach out to the people who had questions in my email box.  If you requested assistance and have not heard from us please email me at dir.memberservices@magickal-arts.org and I will do everything I can to help.

I have recently sent out the campsite agreements and look forward to having those returned to me quickly.  I am available to all camp leads for any concerns you may need to have addressed. 

It is my privilege and pleasure to be of service.  

From the Transparency Advocate:

Hello Tribe,

So we have made it to summer and it’s hot! Hope you are all having a great start to it. Things have slowed down for the board because we have just one major worry on our plate. The water crossing. 

The board is having a hard time justifying the cost to do another temp solution for the current water crossing. We have a basic repair idea of what we want to do but the it is very not safe for vehicle crossings, at this time. There have been a a few ideas on what we can do but the current bridge is showing more more ware since festival. Our solution for festival worked but only as a temp solution. 

So if we do the quick fix on where we saw the damage we might be opening ourselves up to more issues. The board is looking into a rental of a steel bridge crossing and the numbers are what will decide what must be done. That also can cost a fortune, as well.

Everyone has hit research mode hard and I know they will make a decision once all the information has been gathered. I have seen a few great suggestions come over email but the board is reviewing all the options before spending another dime. 

The bank move take allot more hurdles to jump then was originally planed. Julie did say it takes time to make sure everything gets switched over. We have also gotten a new PayPal account and we are working on closing out the old account. Just a few more steps into getting all the move finalized. It has been a long and frustrating process but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Other then that, not much else is being completed or worked on until we get this water crossing thing decided and done. I will make another report as soon as that happens and the membership will get to see what they are planing. The board is dedicated to making sure you guys are with us when we move as one team to get this problem DONE! 

Love you,


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