Festival Information

Dates: October 15th – 18th, 2015

Theme: Hands Into the Light

Location: Spirit Haven Ranch
9706 Anchor Ranch Loop, Flatonia, TX 78941

Want to help prepare the land prior to festival?

Visit the FaceBook page for the Spirit Haven Ranch Team to get involved and see the calendar for Workends!

(Special note: Workends are FREE, so bring a friend!)


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  • As usual, the first page is for filling out your Community Service. CMA Membership determined each adult perform 2 hours of Community Service during any CMA Festival.
  • Lifetime contract holders and staff that are granted comp admission please contact for the necessary information for registration.
  • Per our Director of Finance, you may notice a couple of changes, the most obvious is the ticket price. This was because the processing fee was added to the ticket cost instead of at the end of checkout.
  • As always if you have a question, please email CMA at or call at 888-683-4236.

Find more information about CMA Samhain 2015 below. Also, join our Facebook Event, and invite your friends, as well!

Please stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Samhain festival!

Samhain 2015 Workshop and Event Request:

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Winner of the Samhain graphic contest:

Ashley Drennan

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