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Festival Update: As of right now we are still under a burn ban for Fayette county. It is possible it will continue through festival, but that is not a sure thing yet. We suggest you prepare for the possibility that it will be in force.

Right now this means: small cooking fires only. If you have an above ground fire cauldron, especially with a screen, that would be an ideal container for a fire. We will allow small fires in in-ground pits with some form of screen to help reduce the chance of sparks getting into dry grass. All fires must have constant supervision or be put out. Each fire must have a safety bucket full of water. We also highly recommend using charcoal for cooking fires instead of wood as it is much safer.

As we get updates we will be sure to pass them along to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the board:

Dates: October 15th – 18th, 2015

Theme: Hands Into the Light

Location: Spirit Haven Ranch
9706 Anchor Ranch Loop, Flatonia, TX 78941

Want to help prepare the land prior to festival?

Visit the FaceBook page for the Spirit Haven Ranch Team to get involved and see the calendar for Workends!

(Special note: Workends are FREE, so bring a friend!)


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  • As usual, the first page is for filling out your Community Service. CMA Membership determined each adult perform 2 hours of Community Service during any CMA Festival.
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  • As always if you have a question, please email CMA at or call at 888-683-4236.

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2015 Samhain Special Guest Speaker

Boko Soto

Learn more about Boko Soto and his 2015 Samhain Workshops!

2015 Samhain Special Musical Guest

Lisa Marshall Band

2015 Samhain Festival Events

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2015 Samhain Cookie Competition

Do you like to bake?! Bring your favorite cookies to compete in a competition for the tastiest cookies at CMA!

Samhain 2015 Workshop and Event Request

We are no longer taking submissions for events and workshops for the Samhain 2015 Festival.

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Ashley Drennan

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