The Council of Magickal Arts, Inc, is managed by a Board of Directors. Directors shall be elected for a one-year term of office beginning January 1 of each calendar year. The election takes place during the Great Works Business Meeting (both in person and through online means) of the Samhain Festival held at Spirit Haven Ranch.

In addition to the Board of Directors, the membership is represented by the CMA Transparency Advocate. The CMA Transparency Advocate is elected to a three-year term to oversee board, staff and financial operations of CMA for the membership of CMA. The Transparency Advocate is not a Board member.

At Beltane, we will be voting for several positions on the Board of Directors of CMA, which are listed below.

We would like to encourage everyone to consider serving CMA. Now more than ever, we need a place to come together to worship, teach, and support one another spiritually. In order for CMA to grow and strengthen the infrastructure necessary for continued stability, we need a board of directors who are committed to working together for the good of the organization.

Candidates for the board should be prepared to commit 10 - 20 hours a week to the business of the organization. The board meets by phone at least once a month to plan festivals and manage the business of the organization.

Candidates must be willing to provide their legal name and submit to a vetting process. We encourage all potential candidates to talk to current and former board members about the considered position. We also suggest that candidates familiarize themselves with the bylaws and policies of the corporation.

As stated at the Samhain 2016 Great Works meeting, there were several positions left open at Samhain. The Executive Director has filled those positions on interim basis and would like for the membership to be heard concerning those positions. Also, following Samhain a referendum vote was held that passed the an extension of service for all board members elected at Beltane 2017.

The candidates for the CMA Board of Directors elected at Beltane 2017 shall hold office through the remaining 2017 term and the entire 2018 term. All board positions shall come up for member vote at Samhain 2018.

You might notice that we are not opening the Assistant Executive Director position up for vote. The current board of directors would like to initiate an intern program for the AED in order to mentor future servants of the community. To this end, we are implementing a six month internship for the AED position. This will allow several people to try out the position in advance of the Samhain 2018 elections. If you are interested in serving by running for one of these positions, visit the Running for Office page on the CMA website.

Following are the requirements for board members and the descriptions for the open positions.

Candidacy for Directorship

To serve on the Board of Directors, a member must:

  1. Be a current member, in good standing.
  2. Have been a member for a minimum of one year and one day in the time period immediately preceding candidacy.
  3. Serve as any of the following: Lead Area Representative for one year, Area Representative for a minimum of two years, Senior Festival Staff for a minimum of one Festival, or service or experience commensurate with the position for which they are seeking election (i. e.: CPA).
  4. Candidate must sign an Affidavit of Disclosure regarding any felony convictions. Conviction of a felony does not preclude candidacy or service on the Board of Directors. The Affidavit of Disclosure will be held by the Directors of Records and will be held in confidence by the Board of Directors. All Affidavits of Disclosure shall be held in the official archives of the Corporation by the Director of Records.

The open Board positions are listed below. Click each one to see the full job description.

Director of Communications

Director of Records

Director of Member Services

Director of Property and Assets

Additionally, our Transparency Advocate is stepping down and the position is open for vote.

Visit the Serving as a CMA Officer page to learn how to run for a board position in the upcoming election.

Visit the Meet the Candidates page for the current candidates that will be running for the upcoming election.