Candidates for Election - Beltane 2017

Board of Directors

Director of Communications

Jodi Paul

What are your qualifications for this position?

A CMA member since 1993, I've served as Interim DoC since October 2016. I've published several newsletters, consolidated all the CMA Facebook groups, begun work on the new self-service portal, conducted a membership survey, edited and published The Accord, and also serve as CMA's Social Media Manager. I love this job, and believe my qualifications will continue to make me very successful in this role.

What past experience do you have that's applicable to this position?

I'm a full-time marketing and copywriting freelancer who has more than 15 years of this exact type of experience. I've been the Director of Communications at two tech startups, and this role is 100% in my wheelhouse.

What's your vision for this position (should you be elected)?

To promote CMA as an organization as well as its festivals both internally (to existing CMA members) as well as externally: community outreach that will help attract new CMA members. To facilitate wiping the haze off so that the CMA Board can become increasingly transparent in its dealings with the membership. To foster and nurture the membership to communicate honestly and openly with the Board. To consolidate the many disparate systems we use for our website, ticketing, marketing, membership management, newsletters, and other digital communications methods into as few systems as possible. Consolidation will also have the benefit of saving CMA money on monthly subscriptions to many sites. I intend my legacy as CMA DoC to leave the digital communication environment in considerably better condition than how I found it.

Director of Member Services

Carlas Smith "Mamabear"

What are your qualifications for this position?

I have been your Director of Member Service for this past year.

What past experience do you have that's applicable to this position?

I have owned my own business for nearly 20 years. I was a Deputy Grand Matron for Grand Chapter of Texas Order of the Eastern Star and I have served as your Director of Member Services for the past year.

What's your vision for this position (should you be elected)?

That we are able to heal & come together as a strong community. I am here for the membership, if you have a question, if you have a complaint, if it has to do with the members of CMA that is what I'm here for, I'm here for you. You bring it to me & I will bring it before the board if that is what is needed.

Director of Property and Assets

Director of Records

William Stevens "Sticker Bill"

What are your qualifications for this position?

I have been a member since 1997. Currently I am serving as the Interim Director of Records. I have extensive background in administrative procedures and handling.

What past experience do you have that's applicable to this position?

Served for 21 years in the Navy supervising large assets; administration of required paperwork, personnel, and materials; adherence to procedures and publications. Currently I work in the IT field. Documentation and correct processing of items is very important.

What's your vision for this position (should you be elected)?

I would like to see a push to improving communications with the membership, improving the infrastructure of Spirit Haven, and helping to make sure that members have a great festival.

Transparency Advocate

Online voting will be open from Sunday, March 12, 2017 until Saturday, April 22 at 7:00PM (Central). All active members will receive a system-generated email including a link to the voting site and login information. (If you choose to vote onsite during the festival, a computer will be available for use at CMA1; an advocate may be present if you need assistance.)

After logging into the voting site, you will see a separate voting box for each Director position. A checkbox will be displayed beside each candidate's name; mark the box next to the name of the candidate for whom you wish to vote. There will also be a checkbox option for "abstain" and "write-in" for each Director position if you do not wish to cast your vote for any of the candidates listed. You must choose one of the three options for each Director position in order to cast your ballot (selected candidate, abstention, or write-in). Once you have completed your selection, press "submit", and your vote will be recorded electronically.

Once you submit your ballot, it may not be altered. Each login may only be used one time before being locked out. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Records or the CMA corporate office for guidance.

CMA Election FAQ

Q: Can my login be matched to my vote?
A: No. The system is operated by a company that specializes in voting. Your login information is only used to allow access to the form area for CMA voting. The only record kept is one that shows that an ID number and its associated password were used and then locked so that it could not be used again.

Q: Why must I select one of the three choices (candidate selection, abstention, or write-in) for every position?
A: Members have a responsibility to the organization to vote for all positions when they choose to vote. In order to keep the vote tallies simple and orderly, each position must receive one of these choices.

Q: What are abstentions?
A: An abstention is an indication that you do not wish to make a choice for a particular position listed on the ballot. However, an abstention is not a no-impact vote; abstentions can, in some instances, alter the vote percentage required to win a position.

Q: What is the "50%-plus-one" rule? What does "50%-plus-one" mean vs. 51%?
A: This is the process that the CMA membership voted and approved to use for our elections. The two methods are essentially the same, as long as the calculated decimal percentage is greater than .51. However, if the calculated decimal percentage is greater than .50 but less than .51, this method removes the possibility of using number rounding to determine the final results of an election. (Statistically speaking, this would be a very rare occurrence, but it is possible.)

CMA requires that a candidate receive 50%-plus-one-vote of the total votes cast for a candidate to win an election. A candidate could lose an election, even if they are running unopposed, if enough voters select a write-in or abstention for that position. If no candidate hits the "magic number" of 50%-plus-one of the total votes cast, the election for that position is invalidated, and a special election must be held for that position at the next Great Works meeting. Until then, the Board of Directors will appoint an Interim Director to fill the position.

Q: How do I use the write-in feature?
A: Select the write-in check box, then type in the person's LEGAL NAME in the space provided. The caveat to write-in candidates is that you MUST be specific and accurate.

First, secure the permission of the party you wish to write in and make sure that they meet the requirements of the office. (If you or the party is unsure, you may ask the Director of Records if that person will meet candidate qualifications.) It could be very embarrassing to the written-in candidate if they are not willing or not qualified to hold the position for which they've been unexpectedly elected.

Next, make sure you know the correct legal spelling of the person's name. "Terry Smith", "Teri Smith" and "Terry Smyth" are all legally different persons on a ballot; those three write-ins would be counted as a single vote for three different people, not three votes for the same person. There are NO exceptions to this rule.

Please do not waste your vote by writing in comical comments or cartoon names. It is insulting to the general membership as well as the individual members who have stood up to offer their service to the organization. If you do not wish to vote for any of the candidates running for a particular position, simply check "abstain".

Q: Can I use a written (paper) ballot?
A: We will not deny you a paper ballot. However, it will delay your vote acceptance until we can verify that your individual login and password have not already been used in the online system. If they have not, your online credentials will be locked out and you may use a paper ballot.

Please note that the use of paper ballots will require us to convene a representative for each candidate to be present when the vote information is uploaded to the electronic system. Once everyone is represented, we will open the ballot, enter the information on a spreadsheet, and upload the file to the voting system to be included in the final electronic tally.

Q: How is the final tally obtained?
A: The Corporate Officer or the Director of Records will download the tally file at the Great Works meeting and immediately present the results to the membership. A copy of the tally sheet will be available for member inspection.