Elections + Voting

The Council of Magickal Arts, Inc. determines who holds various positions throughout the organization, such as the Board of Directors, through a membership election process.

Elections occur twice a year: during the Beltane and Samhain Great Works Meetings.

Ballots are collected both in-person and online, and each current member of CMA in good standing is eligible to cast one vote on each candidate or ballot item. Proxies may be assigned, as needed, and voting proxies shall only last for the duration of the one Great Works meeting for which they are created.

Only current members of CMA may vote or run for elected office.

Elected Positions

Various positions throughout CMA are determined by election. The following contains a list of some of these, and the voting method by which they are determined:

Area Representatives (including Lead Reps)

1 year terms, Ballots collected in-person at Area Meetings during Festival

  • Austin Area Representatives
  • Central Texas Area Representatives
  • Coastal Bend Area Representatives
  • North Texas Area Representatives
  • Outlands Area Representatives
  • San Antonio Area Representatives
  • Southeast Area Representatives

Vendor's Representative

1 year term, Ballots collected in-person from CMA Vendors during Festival

CMA Board of Directors

1 year terms (term begins in January), Ballots collected electronically

  • Executive Director (ED)
  • Assistant Executive Director (AED)
  • Director of Communication (DoC) - Up for Election at Beltane 2018
  • Director of Finance (DoF) - Up for Election at Beltane 2018
  • Director of Member Services (DoMS)
  • Director of Property + Assets (DoPA)
  • Director of Records (DoR)
  • Transparency Advocate* (TA)

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