Festival Community service

All adults who purchase a Full Event registration are required to do (at least) two hours of community service at the event. During the registration process, you'll be required to choose two Community Service options. You are not guaraunteed to get your first choice community service option or general time slot, but we do try very hard to accomodate everyone. Check out the descriptions of the different options below.

Options marked with * can require additional training, time commitments, or special approval. The description will let you know the details.

Bridge Trolls

Join the team on the bridge! You will greet attendees as they cross the infamous Troll Bridge into the heart of the festival, pass along important last-minute information about safety and site conditions, and have a generally great time! 

Places are limited for this community service position.

Fire Crew

It takes a lot of hard work to make our Revel Fires sacred and safe. This team plans and prepares the main fire ring during the day and tends and feeds the fires during the burn at night. The energy you use in building and tending the fires makes a circuit of energy between the tenders, the drummers, the dancers, and the festival community.

Fire Safety Spotters*

Are you experienced in Fire Performance Safety? Join the team to help ensure we've got enough good spotters to cover all those who want to perform. You'll get to be front and center to help make sure our Fire Performers stay safe. Shifts will be 2-hr slots after dark only, and will require good shoes and full-coverage clothing.

To ensure that our team has the necessary experience, all volunteers require approval of the Safety Services Manager.

Flying Monkeys

Want to be of help wherever you may be needed? Be a Flying Monkey! This could include anything from helping with festival games, to running festival errands, to making announcements regarding schedule changes.

Front Gate/ Parking

As part of the Front Gate Team, you will help in directing the flow of check-in for festival. Tasks include meeting and greeting people as they enter, making sure they check in properly, directing cars to the parking lot with parking passes, and keeping track of vehicles and owners for security purposes.

People willing to take overnight shifts for this team are especially desired
and can be eligible for discounted registration through our Work Exchange program!


Come serve your community as a Guardian! We walk the property to promote physical and spiritual safety during festival. Enjoy delicious coffee, silly meetings, inside jokes, radio hijinks, and sometimes, sometimes... even a chance to save the day! (No promises)

Good shoes + Full-Coverage clothing are required On-Shift, and new volunteers will need to attend Guardian 101 Training.

No Dinosaurs, Please.

Happy Pagan Cafe

Greet the early risers in the coffee shop! Help with setup/cleanup of supplies and keep the coffee brewing, the drinks pouring, and the conversation flowing.


Join the team at Matthew's Self Healing Station! We need volunteers to assist with our self-serve First Aid station, helping folks with things like minor injuries, bug bites, sunburn, or overheating. There will be tasty cookies, plenty of laughs, camaraderie, and of course, chicken jokes.

First Aid training is not required, however, wearing Full-Coverage clothing on shift is very much required.

Member Services

Are you friendly and helpful? Assist the CMA One team by providing festival attendees with their Community Service assignments and helping answer questions about workshops, events, and general festival information.

Stage Crew*

Description pending! We appreciate your patience!

Setup + Teardown Crews*

Description pending! We appreciate your patience!


Various individuals are exempt from the 2-hour community service requirement. Individuals who meet the following conditions are eligible for exemption:

  • Current Members of the CMA Board of Directors
  • Previous Members of the CMA Board of Directors
  • Sacred Space Coordinators
  • Lifetime Membership holders

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