The Council of Magickal Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Texas corporation founded in 1980.  The Bylaws of the organization from 1997 were restated in 2013 for better clarity, and are listed here for perusal and convenience.

If you're looking for the PDF original from which this was taken, you can access it here: Bylaws 2013 PDF file.
Each Article has been separated out into it's own accordion dropdown, so just click on the title of the Article to see the full text.

Article I: Principle Office and Agent


The principle office of the Corporation will be located at 2825 Bomar Avenue; Ft. Worth, TX 76103-2347. The Corporation may have additional offices at other locations, as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine, providing such offices are under the control of a Member of the Corporation. The Board of Directors may contract to establish a principal office for a period not to exceed ten years.


The Corporation will maintain a registered office and agent in Texas. The registered office may, but need not, be identical with the Corporation’s principal office in Texas. The board may change the registered office and agent as permitted in the Texas Organization Code.

Article II: Members

Article III: Board of Directors and Officers of the Corporation


Article IV: Other Elected Officials

Article V: Contracts, Bank Accounts, Etc.

Article VI: Committees

Article VII: Miscellaneous

Article VIII: Amendments

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