CMA, as a nonprofit community-based corporation, is supported by it's many members and friends. The donations, both physical and monetary, help our organization care for and improve our land, Spirit Haven Ranch, develop better Festivals, and foster growth in our community.

CMA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and all donations that would typically be tax-deductible to a nonprofit corporation would also be tax-deductible here. You should consult your tax advisor about your individual tax situation.

Find ways to support CMA today!

Recurring or One-Time Donations

Thank you for considering a monetary donation to the Council of Magickal Arts, Inc. CMA uses donated funds in a variety of ways, including for general use (for use in CMA expenses), special projects, Spirit Haven Ranch maintenance and improvements, and other fun things for the Membership!

For questions about how the donations would be utilized, please feel free to reach out to us at

Hit the "Donate" button to be taken to Paypal's secure webiste. There, you can choose to set your donation up as a one-time donation amount, or even a recurring donation, ensuring your continued support over time.

Other Ways to Donate

Monetary donations are fantastic, as they allow CMA to do amazing things for it's Membership and the community at large. However, there are other ways to donate, including physical donations like equipment/resources, or time volunteering for CMA during Work Weekends or Festival (or even as a CMA Staff Member or an elected Area Representative or Director)!

Please feel free to contact for any questions about donations of materials or time, and they will ensure you get to the right place.

Fundraising Events

Sometimes, CMA or it's Members host events in various areas around Texas for fundraising efforts. Check back here for future area Fundraisers!

There are no fundraising events currently scheduled.