What's a Workend?

The work weekends, or workends, have been ongoing since February 2000. We have had many fine folks come out and join us on these weekends—working as ONE TEAM we maintain and improve the land in a warm, loving, fun-filled atmosphere.

Work at Workends

Our ranch team works on a variety of projects during each workend; these can range from re-roofing a structure to fixing fences, improving the roads, and everything else needed to maintain the land and its buildings.

Next Workend Dates

You can find the schedule for our workends on our Calendar

Look for the items colored in green.

Next Workend Projects

Each workend has a Facebook event, and the details for the specific workend (what projects will be worked on, food, etc.) are published in the Facebook event on the Spirit Haven Ranch Team page. We recommend that you RSVP for each event you plan to attend—knowing how many will attend makes planning easier for our Ranch Management team.

Attend a Workend

Please do not arrive on Fridays before the announced time—we can't guarantee anyone will be there to let you in. 

Workends are a camping experience. You will need your usual camping equipment, including camp chairs.

Workend Survival Guide

Who's at Workends?

The Ranch Manager is typically at the work weekends. Always check the Facebook Event for full details.

For many (but not all) workends, our Kitchen Witch can provide you with three meals a day—in exchange for money, supplies, or assistance. Always check the Facebook Event for full details.

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