CMA Societies

What are Societies?

CMA Societies are groups of members with similar interests. The activities of CMA Societies are up to their members. Some are active just at CMA festivals, by presenting rituals or workshops. Others look for ways to get together more often and perhaps offer activities to others in CMA or the larger Pagan community between CMA festivals.

How do I Join?

Joining a CMA Society is easy. Either attend its meeting at the next festival or get in touch with the group’s coordinator and/or subscribe to its email list. There are no additional fees or membership requirements. If you’re a CMA member and you have knowledge and skills to share, if you’d like to learn, or if you’re just interested, choose a CMA society that appeals to you and get involved.


A supportive group where metaphysical practitioners of color can gather to network, socialize, and support one another while fostering a learning environment. 

Purpose: Provide community, affirmation, and resources to Pagan people of color.


Brewers and Imbibers

Fire and Flow

The purpose of this society is not just to play with fire. This society's focus will center on connecting many different people together to learn, laugh, and love, all through the common interest of movement and art.

Friends of
Fairy Mound

Maintain, repair, and improve Fairy Mound to make sure that it's safe and fun for the kids of CMA. 

Friends of Grandmother's Grove

Kitchen Witch

To discuss, foster, and share ideas for bringing Magick into your kitchen, your food, and your life. We share ideas, techniques, recipes, and more.


Temple of the Dancers

The Temple of the Dancers welcomes dancers and musicians and supporters of all abilities and stripes! We hold a meeting once per festival and (usually) have a Hafla on festival-Saturday evening during the dinner hour to raise funds for the CMA Land Fund.

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