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Running for Office

Any current CMA member may run for any office. We strongly encourage anyone thinking about running for office to sign up as early as possible to give the membership a chance to get to know the candidates and make wise choices. To declare your intention to run for any office, see the instructions on the Running for Office page.

General Requirements

All Directors should be able to give 20 – 30 hours per month to CMA and be able to travel to different cities for meetings. 

All Area Representatives should have a minimum of 10 hours per month available to work on CMA projects, be able to travel to at least four meetings, and should possess tact and tolerance.


All candidates should remember that officers' names, phone numbers and email addresses are listed in each issue of Accord, and officers' names are posted on the CMA website. Internet access is essential.

In addition, it is very important that Directors and Representatives be committed to protecting both the rights of the members and the status of the corporation.

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