Running for Office

Pro Tip

Election to an Office in CMA requires the use of your Legal Name. There is no expectation of privacy. CMA Officers have to be listed on public legal records. The Executive Director, Director of Records, and Director of Finance must be prepared to file paperwork for Bonding as Fiduciary Officers of a 501(c)3 corporation.

Candidacy for Directorship

To serve on the Board of Directors, a Member must meet all 4 criteria below.


Be a current member, in good standing.


Have been a member for a minimum of one year and one day in the time period immediately preceding the declaration of candidacy.


Serve as any of the following: Lead Area Representative for one year, Area Representative for a minimum of two years, Senior Festival Staff for a minimum of one Festival, or service or experience commensurate with the position they are seeking election (i. e.: CPA).


Sign an Affidavit of Disclosure regarding any felony convictions. Felony conviction does not preclude candidacy or service on the Board of Directors. All Affidavits of Disclosure shall be held in confidence in the official archives of the Corporation by the Director of Records.

Run for Office

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